Sports and Life

I don’t want to say sports run my life, but in a sense they do. I’m sure many athletes can relate to what i’m saying. Instead of sitting at home after school, bored out of my mind like the majority of kids these days, I decide to go outside and practice sports, mainly basketball. I guess the way I was raised, with many chores to do, and many athletic brothers to idolize, is the cause of me being not lazy. Everyday afterschool my twin and I come home, and alternate between lifting, and skill workouts for basketball, with Sunday as our day off. Sometimes I think to myself, “This is too much.” or “what am I doing this for?”. But then I think what else would I be doing productive of my own free will? And 99% of the time I come up blank. I’m not against going out and having fun with friends, or going to parties with them. But you should always think to yourself, “Did I work hard enough to deserve to go out tonight?”. So all in all, I guess sports to govern mostly all of the moves I make in my life.


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